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Derek – Your Guide

Your Tour Driver – Derek Schneidereit

DerekDerek’s Mission


Provide my passengers with a relaxed and enjoyable experience in the beautiful Flinders Ranges. (No need to worry about reading maps, driving, burning up fuel, risking damage to your vehicle and missing many of the “hidden” treasures.

Provide an insight into the geology, fauna, flora and history of the Flinders Ranges, as well as introducing you to some Australian bush tucker.

About Derek and his tour business

Derek set up the business in March 2003, operating out of Hawker, “Hub of the Flinders Ranges” of South Australia. He started in the industry in 2002 at the age of 33 by completing 12 months of training with Northern Territory Adventure Tours. This was followed by driving for the Wilpena Pound Resort, based 55 km north of Hawker. Derek went on to work for Banksia 4WD Tours out of Adelaide for 6 months. Derek is an accredited driver (Number: EZ0997) and has a wealth of Outback driving and touring experience from his previous employment.

Derek also has an intimate knowledge of the area built on family camping trips with his parents to a property near Hawker and as a young man Derek lived in Hawker. The time spent in the area gave Derek a love and appreciation of the unique environment of the Flinders Ranges, which his touring clients now benefit from immensely.

Derek was born in Adelaide where he completed his schooling. On leaving school he took on an apprenticeship in Ceramic Tiling and became a qualified tradesman at the age of 19 years. He travelled all over Queensland at the age of 20 working as a tiler, then moved to Hawker. Where he has lived since, apart from a stint in Queensland and a world trip where he lived in Bavaria, Germany and also Knoxville, Tennesse, USA.

With a name like Schneidereit there has to be a German background. His parents came from Germany and the language was spoken at home in his younger years. Several visits to Germany helped him to become more fluent –  a skill that only enhances the benefits of his tours to German speaking visitors.

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